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I’m interested in the way we perceive mundane experiences, how

we cope with life with all its ups and downs, flaws, expectations

and learnt lessons.

My work depicts narratives about childhood, escapism, identity

and the anxieties of the twenty-first century.

Through my fictional, often surreal characters and their

environments, I try to create tragicomic allegories about the

suburban life, fears and uncertainties of the era we are living in. I

use a surrealistic approach to convey my ideas, exaggerating the

scale, physics and logic of the characters, sometimes adding

symbols from pop-culture and several other references from my

past experiences to evoke some kind of nostalgia and connection

with the viewer.

Pedro Podre, b.1988, lives and works in Porto, graduated from

Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto in visual arts.

He is a painter and muralist known for his allegorical illustrated

characters which he uses on his large scale murals and studio

paintings. He has been exhibiting and painting murals regularly

since 2012.


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